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Monthly Archive for January, 2009

New Studio and New Year Greetings

First of all I’d like to wish you all a very happy and peaceful New Year. Thank you to all my 2008 clients. It was wonderful working with you and I look forward to seeing some of you again this year.

I’m starting off the year with a photo from my new studio in Concord, which is currently being refurbished. I had plans to get some of this work done at the weekend but ended up getting a little distracted with my new camera. I’m glad I swapped picture taking for the paint brush. Here’s the end product of my digressions! 

Studio Portrait

I will keep you posted about studio sessions when they become available.

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 Last year I was contacted by Jim Miotke, the owner of the BetterPhoto website. He asked to use some of my images in his latest photography guide book, “Photographing Children”, which I was more than happy to do as I’ve enjoyed entering the photography competitions on that site in the past. This book is great for anyone wanting to learn how to take improved photos of their children and is currently in the top 10 of photography books on Amazon.

BetterPhoto book

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