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Monthly Archive for April, 2010

Almost One


Baby studio portrait

Boston metrowest baby portraits


Here’s a preview from one of several in studio sessions this week. This very adorable little girl will have her first birthday very soon. Happy birthday to her!

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Do I look mad?



















We went away for a few days last week and boarded our cat.  Was he mad at us!  I took this shot whilst he was sulking in a corner after he got back.  It’s the feline version of a mean and moody portrait.  Despite the expression he really is a a rather lovable rogue. Well I think so although my husband begs to differ. His name is Montgomery, Monty for short. He’s named after a famous British World War II general.


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Focus : The Dress

West Concord M studio portrait

Boston studio portrait














Studio portraits


There are plenty of signs that Spring is here, flowers, blossoms green leaves and not forgetting school proms. This lovely young lady came in to my studio this week for some portraits in her prom dress. She looked great and it was a pleasure meeting her.

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Farewell Winter

Spring is here and as a last goodbye to this winter past I am showing my favorite personal winter portrait. It was taken in Vermont in December 2009. My daughter got up at daybreak to watch the first snow of the season falling. I woke up to find her sitting quietly in the corner of the hotel room with the drapes open just watching the flakes falling. There’s always something wonderful about the first snowfall each year whatever age you are. The portrait was taken using the available natural light.


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There’s a smile!

A preview from another baby session this week. We have some lovely portraits in the making for the gallery.

baby studio portrait














Massachusetts Bilerica studio photography


















Boston studio photographer baby portrait

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